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DASH ARTS podcast on Identity and Europe

Identity: Brexit and Europe

In the final episode of The Identity Series, our investigation into what happens to identity during moments of great national change brings our attention to Brexit and its impact on our own national identities in the UK. What does Europe mean today? What do we want from Europe, post-Brexit?

This podcast series forms part of EUTOPIA, our multi-year project that emerged as a direct response to the 2016 EU Referendum; as the UK voted to leave the EU, we felt the need to explore what it means to be European.

Speakers include Maria Aberg, founder and director of theatre company Projekt Europa, which makes work by migrant theatre makers in the UK; author and academic Timothy Garton Ash, Professor of European Studies at the University of Oxford; and David Furlong, theatre director and Artistic Director of Exchange Theatre, who presents an excerpt from his monologue Un-Settled.

Links Find out more about and participate in European Moments:

Music credits Alger Alger, by Samira Brahmia (before David’s Un-Settled monologue)

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