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A New play about British fascist leader Oswald Mosley...

What lessons are there for today when nationalism is once more on the rise across the Western world, and politicians like Trump and many more worlwide, are able to attack democracy and stir up violent protest? Draining the Swamp is a provocative new play, exploring these issues and challenging our approach to extremism. It raises questions and warns with a chilling contemporary punch. A Thought provoking and challenging new play.

"An incisive exploration of the rise of fascism"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Counter Culture UK

"A first class piece of historical theatre"

⭐⭐⭐⭐ One4review

DRH productions present a new play by David Hill, directed by Exchange Theatre's artistic director David Furlong (MISANTHROPE, THE FLIES).


Oswald Mosley was considered to be the most able politician of the 1920s, a Labour Prime Minister in-waiting. What caused a changed direction for this man, who then founded the right-wing British Union of Fascists, renowned for street violence and antisemitism?

Meet Sir Oswald and Lady Diana Mosley who were given a short, sharp portrait in the BBC Peaky Blinders series. Exploring the life and activities of the Fascist leader, from the 1930's to 1960's, discover the private personas behind the Fascist leader and his unorthodox wife, both vilified and adored in their lifetimes.

Was he the thuggish villain he is portrayed as? Was he deluded, dangerous or visionary? How critical was Diana's supporting role? Draining the Swamp unpicks the intentions behind the dangerous and controversial activities that Mosley led, inviting judgement about his legacy, and raising questions about parallels with contemporary British and American politicians. What is the democratic solution to managing politicians like Mosley today?

A play by David R Hill

Directed by David Furlong

Videos and design by Jeffrey Choy


Rowland Hill as Oswald Mosley

Ciara Pouncett as Lady Diana Mosley

David Boyle as Lord Curzon & David Frost

Claudia Whitby-Tillott as Cimmie Mosley and Alexandra Curzon

Chris Keyna as Jeffrey Hamm

TOUR DATES and Booking Links:

OSO, Barnes, London


Wed 6 March

Dorchester Arts (Dorset)

Thurs 7 March

Cornerstone, Didcot

Wed 17 April

Swindon Arts centre

Fri 19 April

Oxford Playhouse

Sat 20 April 

Brentwood Theatre

Wed 24 April

Stables, Hastings

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