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In the press to talk about Molière

I've been in the press to talk about Molière in English and French:


Theatre Lab Company and Exchange Theatre are getting together to revive TLC’s production of Moliere’s DON JUAN in May 2022 at the The Vaults Theatre, London

Theatre Lab Company is a London company with a 20-year history of producing and touring quality theatre in the UK and internationally. Artistic Director, Anastasia Revi, received the Best Theatre Director of Greece award and the UK Global Entertainment Most Innovative International Theatre Production Company award. They recently produced Emmeline at the cockpit, a new play based on the life of Emmeline Pankhurst. Exchange Theatre produces bilingual theatre with diversity at its core, crossing cultural and geographical borders, since 2006. Creating inclusive work, bringing together people of many nationalities and backgrounds, we received 3 Offies nominations (production, director and video). David Furlong, artistic director was Young Vic Jerwood director in 2021.

The show tells the last day in the life of Don Juan, a nobleman, an atheist and a free-thinker who is also a womanizer who has married and fled many brides, with a strong disregard for religion, bigotry and social and sexual norms. The play is a 17th century classic, it is a comedy and it also offers a deep reflection on hypocrisy and patriarchy, and poses universal timeless questions regarding misogyny, toxic masculinity and feminism.

The production will take place at Vaults Theatre in Waterloo and is supported by an important PR and marketing campaign and coverage. It will be directed by Anastasia Revi from Theatre Lab (TLC). She is renowned for striking visual storytelling on contemporary and classical texts of the international repertoire. The productions are born and lovingly crafted in a dynamic rehearsal room with artists of different origins and backgrounds to create dynamic theatre that crosses the boundaries of culture, language and taboo and tell stories using mesmerising theatrical imagery, physical theatre/performance and devised experimental work. TLC’s work is inspired by traditional and adapted texts, experimenting with music, movement, materials and ideas to explore new possibilities. Language is used in a powerfully dramatic way, combined with finely tuned physical choreography, to communicate, explore and expand the multi-layered ideas that unfold and captivate our audiences.

The show will be played alternatively in French and in English by the same cast over three weeks between the 11th and 29th May. The rehearsals will start in April and take place at Exchange Theatre’s rehearsal studios in London Bridge, monday to friday with various times between 10am and 3pm.

We're seeking experienced actors and credible emerging individuals with recognisable credits. We are ONLY looking for actors who can speak fluently both French and English. The actors need to be versatile, open and good team

In terms of fee, we are currently offering a minimum guaranteed of £1000 per actors. If current pending funding applications are successful, we will pay according to the Equity/ITC rates.

The auditions will be on the 17th and 18th March in London Bridge.

Available parts:

- Don Juan Character description: Timeless charmer irrespective of age and gender, DonJuan is a charismatic philosopher and the greatest con man of all time.. His talents are endless and his perception of life is unique. Actor description: Male actor, late 30s to late 40s, any ethnicity. STRONG BILINGUAL in ENGLISH AND FRENCH (Fluent French as the whole rehearsal process is bilingual). He must be charming, playful, versatile and physical. He must have a great acting experience in theatre, a good knowledge and experience of classic texts and a good understanding of the Moliere language. Musts: Strong voice and a great ability to move.

- Ensemble Character description: Different characters in the play. The actor needs to be able to change from one character to another vocally, physically and practically (costumes and props). Actor description: Male actor, late 20s to early 40s, any ethnicity. STRONG BILINGUAL in ENGLISH AND FRENCH (Fluent French as the whole rehearsal process is bilingual). He must be versatile, playful and physically capable. He must be able to perform with different Venetian masks on. Musts: Great ability to transform in different characters, highly trained voice and high level of physicality.

Please email CV and spotlight links to

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